U.S. and Africa Election Forum

U.S. and Africa Election Forum

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Washington DC       Date: TBA

The creation of networks and synergies to advance democracy and best practices in election administration is vital in addressing the ever growing challenges confronting those who promote and sustain democracy. The United States is the world’s greatest democracy promotion nation with unique election administration architecture different from any nation. With over 50 autonomous and independent elections administration entities and numerous election service providers as well as an innovative election academic involvement, put the U.S. at a unique position to promote synergies with election agencies in other parts of the world.

The U.S. Africa Elections Forum will bring together chairperson/President and Commissioners from election management bodies in Africa and federal and state election leaders in the U.S. including officials of the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development to enhance the conduct of elections in Africa and exchange ideas and best practices. Leaders in the field of democracy promotion and the academia will also provide unique perspectives on innovative discoveries in the field of election management which practitioners from Africa can benefit.

The forum will also allow visiting African delegations to listen from U.S. election service providers about new information technology tools available in election administration in a cyber-sensitive era. The 3 days event will permit election officials to gain on the spot information relevant to their work and build networks to foster the integration of innovative methods of administering elections.

Countries wishing to express their interest in participating in the forum should send an officials letter to electionforum@usices.org

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