Election Administration Capacity Development

Election Administration Capacity Development

Assistance to EMBs range from funding in-service training within a USICES/EMBs partnership to promote professionalism and sustain institutional memory, train EMB officials on the most recent innovations on election and important topics and promoting hands-on sessions with U.S. State and County election offices to facilitate networking. USICES work with BRIDGE (Building Resources in Democracy, Governance, and Elections) facilitators, renowned election training experts and other practitioners to support knowledge transfer within EMBs and engage local election officials to administer elections with a comprehensive skill set. It is our ultimate believe that when elections are administered by professionals, voters, political parties, and all actors trust and accept the outcome which promote and sustain peaceful coexistence between diverse communities.

USICES capacity development programs ensure maximum retention through interactive, action-based adult learning, using a variety of learning tools that engages learners. USICES promotes the training of local election officials who are at the forefront of conducting voter registration, distribution of election logistics, and conducting voting operations. These operations do not just safeguarding electoral democracy, they are vital to build EMB trust, promote result acceptance and enhance peace. As funding for election training diminish due to donor fatigue, we encourage the use of e-Learning tools and platforms to ensure real time and accessible learning for all EMB staff from local to national level.

Every USICES professional capacity program involves the following stages:

  • Conduct needs assessment and embeds these needs in the design and organization of learning activities.
  • Organize training activities and choose the appropriate training techniques for their implementation.
  • Create an engaging, interactive learning environment in the classroom and online.
  • Choose and use the necessary educational material and equipment.
  • Apply assessment techniques emphasizing on learning outcomes.
  • Measure impact based on needs identified.

Solicitation for election assistance are received and assessed year round. EMBs are encouraged to send their requests to electionassistance@usices.org with clear and well defined needs and expected outcomes.