Executive Director of USICES Meets with African EMB Chairpersons and Commissioners

As part of USICIES Election Integrity Program, the Chairpersons, Commissioners and senior directors of the election management bodies of Nigeria, Malawi, Liberia and Cameroon met with USICES Executive Director, Henry Atem, in the USICES conference room. The meeting was aimed at sharing current challenges to the professionalization of election administration in these countries and to explore effective mechanisms to help these EMBs administer elections while building a professionally-based human resource at all levels.

The Executive Director shared USICES’s Strategic Initiatives and programs for 2021 and beyond to support African election management bodies, particularly with respect to promoting access for EMB staff at all levels to acquire the necessary professional training. The meeting provided an opportunity for the Chairs and Commissioners to present their unique perspectives and context specific challenges their personnel face and proposals to inform USICES support.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need for EMBs globally to anticipate, plan, and design election administration processes having an emergency response and health component. Holding elections during a pandemic or natural disaster requires EMBs to equip their human resource with professional skills and capacities and the needed partnership with international and stakeholders to pursue transparent and credible elections. USICES is committed to partner with African EMBs to accompany them in delivering inclusive, accessible, and transparent elections that respects international instruments and adheres to domestic laws.