Collection, Analysis and Use of Data: A Measured Approach to Improving Election Administration.

Individuals and organizations that wish to submit a statement for the hearing record are requested to submit a cover letter on stationery that… Continue Reading


Here at the MIT Election Data & Science Lab, we’re dedicated to collecting, analyzing, and sharing core data and findings related to elections and election administration in the United States. Continue Reading

Election Resources in the United States.

States are taking a closer look at voter registration, provisional ballots, absentee and early voting, voter identification, security (visit this page for a table of contents on our security resources) and other key election reform issues in an effort to provide fair elections for all eligible voters, and at a reasonable cost Continue Reading


Ensuring the integrity and security of the election process is essential for the functioning of democracy in the U.S., and is a shared responsibility among many officials. Continue Reading

Who Oversees the Elections Process in the U.S.?

Forty members of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) serve as their state’s designated chief election official, overseeing Continue Reading

How a badly designed ballot might have swayed the election in Florida.

In the run-up to an election, it’s all about getting access to the ballot. Who will turn out and how many? Will there be voter suppression? How will weather affect turnout? Continue Reading