Algeria to hold presidential election on April 18.

Algeria on Friday announced a presidential election for April 18 without indicating whether veteran leader Abdelaziz Bouteflika would stand, following calls for his nomination by a loyal ruling caste of businessmen, trade unions and the military. Continue Reading

Senegal 2019 polls: Look at 11th presidential vote since independence.

Senegalese voters head to the polls on February 24 to elect a president. The incumbent Macky Sall will be seeking a second mandate after he defeated the then-incumbent Abdoulaye Wade in 2012 to become the fifth president in the country’s history. Continue Reading

Senegal election: Presidential campaign gets under way.

Senegal’s presidential election campaign has begun with the incumbent, Macky Sall, running for a second term. Continue Reading

South Africa’s electoral body has its work cut out to ensure legitimate 2019 poll.

South Africa is among relatively few African countries that hold regular democratic elections with high levels of integrity, enabling citizens to choose their government. Continue Reading

Solutions or Problems?-The Increasing Role of Technology in African Elections.

It has been a few decades now since many African countries adopted multi-party democratic systems of governance. Some progress has been made while challenges remain Continue Reading

A quick look at what’s at stake in Nigeria’s 2019 General Elections.

It’s election season in Nigeria and a record number of voters were registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission Continue Reading


Access to election information empowers citizens and electorate to be well informed about political processes with due regard to their best interests: to elect political office holders; to participate in decision-making processes on the implementation of laws and policies; and to hold public officials accountable for their acts or omissions in the execution of their […]

Malawi: The Road to the 2019 Tripartite Elections. Reflections on Corruption, Land and Multiparty Politics.

On May 21st 2019, Malawi will hold its tripartite elections, where voters will vote for the President, Members of Parliament and local Councillors. Continue Reading

2019: Africa heads into an election year.

Voters in several African nations, including Nigeria and South Africa, are headed to the ballot box in 2019. But despite the numerous elections, experts don’t expect much change on the continent. Continue Reading

The DRC’s election was flawed. But it still offers signs of hope.

The recent presidential election in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) had been over two years in the making. Postponed twice by the ruling coalition, the Common Front for the Congo, problems persisted even after a date was set. Continue Reading