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Election Assistance

Election administration is a complex phased process many nations face various forms of challenges to manage. Preparing the next generation of election officials, as well as furthering the professional development of existing election administrators and engaging voters in the process is at the core of USICES effort to build sustainable election management communities in developing democracies.

Election Observation

Election observation is a valued tool for improving the quality of elections regardless of the degree of democratic stability or advancement of any country. Observers help build public confidence in the honesty of electoral processes. Be it international or domestic, observation help in promoting and protecting the civil and political rights of participants in elections. 

Specialized Training in Election Administration

Assistance to EMBs range from funding in-service training within a USICES/EMBs partnership to promote professionalism and sustain institutional memory, train EMB officials on the most recent innovations on election and important topics and promoting hands-on sessions with U.S. State and County election offices to facilitate networking.

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“The Data Analysis and Management training gave my team the opportunity to learn innovative on the job strategies to collect and analyze data to help us plan and improve our programs to professionally deliver inclusive, transparent, and acceptable election in Malawi. The tools shared during the training were user friendly and applicable even in low tech circumstances. My team gained a lot of value and insights from the program.”

“Great training! Very useful information delivered in an excellent manner through highly professional instructors. The data training provided actionable concepts in a way that encouraged instant application. I know how I will implement the concepts because I already did it during the training. I would highly recommend the specialized training on Data Analysis and Management to anyone that is interested in improving election administration through evidence based planning and implementation.”

“It was a very insightful experience observing elections in the U.S. as an International Observer. I learnt a lot about the decentralized U.S. election architecture, the use of technology, and the importance accorded to evidence based decision making mechanisms were telling. By applying these principles to our different situations, the results can be very impactful.”

“The workshop on Preventing Election Violence gave us a systematic framework to understand and apply the persuasion principles of preventing electoral violence in our elections. I learnt about innovative tools and methods of collecting data from open sources that can inform programming by local CSOs to report, prevent, mitigate, and coordinate election violence responses at the local and national level.”


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